Having a strategic plan is good. 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. Or more, if that’s what your business needs. But what are the areas of true focus BEHIND the plan?


These came from a chat with my coach, Joseph Ranseth. They landed for me and I believe they will with you, too.

1. Celebrate the wins and capture them on paper or electronically. (Wins are outcomes and also what you did well.)

2. Create wins to create momentum. (What can you do (or move forward) that will give you some juice?)

3. What does finished look like? (What makes it final? Is it actionable?)

4. Create systems and processes. (And if something doesn’t light you up, how can you offload it?)

5. Have a human sounding board. (So you can get rational answers and solutions to tactical and emotional situations.)

6. Create fun! (In what you’re doing, doing it with other people, and/or a reward.)

7. Revisit your vision and goals often. (Print them out, put them on the wall in front of you.

8. Connect! (Create regular social interaction, accountability, and group support.

I like this list. What about you?

Would you add any other areas of true focus?

I’d add a #9… reflection! (Via meditation, writing, and/or doing nothing at all.)

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@bengioia @JosephRanseth Photo: Curtis MacNewton

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