Here are 7 reasons why the Buddha was a unique thought leader.


1. The Buddha taught that each of us has an opportunity to change: what we think, say, and do — so we can live happier, more peaceful, more successful lives.

2. He tailored his vision, message, and teaching to his audience. He spoke to people in their language. He met them where they were, not where they “should” be.

3. The Buddha used story to provide a holistic, memorable learning experience. His teachings were accessible, applicable in daily life, and gave immediate & long-term benefits.

4. He always invited people to verify the results for themselves, and not just accept them on blind faith.

5. The Buddha presented his teachings simply and directly: as frameworks, steps, and a clear process. He made sure that his teaching was available to everyone who wanted to listen and practice.

6. To keep the teachings intact and available for generations to come he always followed the same core, guiding principles.

7. The Buddha aligned his mission, vision, principles, and message. These became his brand and inspired evangelists who shared his message for the subsequent 2,600 years (and counting)!

Pretty savvy, huh?

What lessons are you going to apply?

• • •


1. Create or refine the foundation of your platform while tapping into the leader that you truly are.

2. Walk away with your Key Positioning Currency (KPC) including your LinkedIn summary, elevator pitch, expertise framework, and core stories.

3. Articulate your value and raise your rates so you can make the money you deserve.

4. Take yourself out of the competition game.

5. Gain clarity on your messaging, offer, audience, presence, and unique positioning.

• • •

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