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  • (Evergreen) PARTNER OPPORTUNITY — FREE 30-minute MASTERCLASSThe Brilliant Book Method
  • (Evergreen) PARTNER OPPORTUNITY — FREE Template (Easily Get 5 Star Reviews)

The Simple Way To Create A Global,

Thought Leadership Masterpiece (In Just 6-9 Months)

• June 16, 2023 (Fri) Friday Gathering 9am-11am Pacific 

• June 17 & 18, 2023 (Sat & Sun) Event 8am-2pm PT
• Become an affiliate: get your link (or ask Ben)

• Promo Period: May 15 to June 15

• Get Swipe Copy Here.

Celebration— There's a new book on the way!

• September 7ish, 2023

• (Not a launch, yet. First, bringing it into to the world!)

5 WEEK BOOK MASTERY September 26, 2023 (business development + fast, high quality manuscript)

• Live Tuesdays (or recordings), Starts September 26 (seven sessions)

• includes 1-on-1 coaching session with to identify/clarify “topic of the book” and includes VIP ticket to Publish, Position, and Profit MasterPlan (PPPmp)

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• Promo Period: September 1-25.

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NOVEMBER 2023 DEEP DIVE: Publish, Position, and Profit Masterplan (publishing, leveraging, and profiting roadmap)

• November 3, 2023 (Fri) Friday PPPmp Gathering 9am-11am Pacific Time

• November 4, 2023 (Sat) PPPmp Deep Dive 8am-2pm PT

• November 5, 2023 (Sun)PPPmp Deep Dive 8am-2pm PT

• Become an Affiliate for PPP Here and get your link (or ask Ben)

• Promo Period: October 1 to November 3.

• Get Swipe Copy Here (to come)


• November 6 to December 1, 2023 — Discovery quick chats about Ben's mastermind.


  • (IF THE GOAL IS A HIGH-VALUE, FREE 30-minute MASTERCLASS.) ----- >>> THE BRILLIANT BOOK METHOD — You will discover where how to write/finish, publish, and profit from a book that you’re proud of. Make an impact as a unique expert with your message — and get more clients & strategic partners (BEFORE YOU’RE PUBLISHED) — so you can have the business & life you love!
  • (IF THE GOAL IS A THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ROADMAP ----- >>> THE PODCAST & BOOK ROADMAP The Simple Way To Create A Global, Thought Leadership Masterpiece (In Just 6-9 Months)  • Get EMPOWERED, STRATEGIC, and VISIBLE — so you can attract more leads, clients and opportunities — today, instead of losing 10 years & two million dollars (at least). Bust the MYTHS & MISCONCEPTIONS about podcasts, books, and video podcasts — that keep most people stuck — so you can stop losing your time, energy, money and life! It's free. It’s online. You get four(4) amazing experts and you’re going to love it!
  • (IF THE GOAL IS GETTING THE BOOK DONE FAST WHILE DEVELOPING A BUSINESS (and attracting clients)) ----- >>> 5 WEEK BOOK MASTERY (7 weeks) (includes Publish, Position, and Profit Masterplan OR Podcast and Book Roadmap)Get your book done, know your exact publishing roadmap, and have conversations (about your book) that bring you clients & partnerships, before your book is finished! Enjoy triple productivity & results (with more calm and clarity than ever before) plus a unique, private community of like-minded business owners, experts, influencers, and visionaries! • Partner Commission = $450 per referral (Everyone in 5WBM gets a complimentary VIP ticket to PPPmp or PBR!) 
  • (IF THE GOAL IS KNOWING THE WHYs, WHATs, AND HOWs of YOUR BOOK) -----  PUBLISH, POSITION, and PROFIT MASTERPLAN (2-day, online deep dive). Get your EXACT PUBLISHING ROADMAP for making an impact as a unique expert with your book — so you can get more clients, partners, 
and leverage — BEFORE it’s published 
(or even finished)!
    SPECIAL GUEST TRAINER: a publisher with more than 130+ partnerships and almost 12,000 books! Full Description / Find Out More Here • Partner Commission = $47-$1,250 per referral  
  • (IF THE GOAL IS COMPREHENSIVE BOOK WRITING, LEVERAGING, PUBLISHING, POSITIONING, PROFITING, AND MAKING AND IMPACT) ----- >>> BOOK PROFIT MASTERY Implementation MASTERMIND (Comprehensive Writing / Publishing / Positioning / Profiting / Partnering / Podcasting). This is the best, most comprehensive way to get your high-quality book done — then publish, position,  profit, and launch — so you can create the freedom, life, and impact you want. You’ll get it done (whether you’re starting with an idea, a half-done book, or even a messy manuscript)! You’ll instantly elevate your credibility, visibility, and authority so you can use your book to create more impact — and get more clients & partners — even before it's finished! • Partner Commission = $500-$1,250 per referral. Contact Ben here.