This is not a cheeky question.

This is more about neuroscience and the squishy gray matter between your ears.


(Well, not specifically… as I’m not a scientist and squishy body stuff makes me dizzy…)




Do you remember what happened this year?

If you’re like me, perhaps not so much at the moment of being asked.

Because so many things happened.



And some of us … choose to do so many things, to have so many experiences, and to live lives that are full-on-, full-force, and fabulous!


At least some of the time.

And we should, FFS. 🥳

Because so many of us, who are doing good in the world, who are leaders, who are running businesses…


• we don’t stop to look

• we don’t stop to listen

• we don’t stop to reflect

• we don’t stop to CELEBRATE


… what we have accomplished and who we have become in the last (almost) 365 days.


So I’ll ask you again…


Do you remember what happened this year?




  1. What have you accomplished?
  2.  How have you loved?
  3.  How have you you served?
  4.  What deliciousness do you want to remember?


Want to take this deeper (and even more delicious)?

Then I invite you to treat yourself and schedule a few wonderful hours in your favorite coffee shop, or at your desk, or out in nature where you can write and reflect.


Take yourself through this amazing process, offered by Amy Eisinger

How to Reflect on Your Year in an Actually Useful Way