Want to write your book, NOT get stuck, and get more clients before you're published?

How about all that... AND be DONE in just 5 weeks?
Do More Good For More People 
With Your Book
Influence With A Heart®

[6 Weeks, Online]

Before writing his 2nd book, Ben was asked to train 126 leaders at Stanford AND HE WROTE IT IN 5 WEEKS!

At the end of the training, he gifted each participant a signed copy Influence With A Heart.

Then the company booked him for 2 more gigs… in Australia. Not long after, he was hired to consult for a Fortune 100! (No joke.)

That all turned into more than a quarter million dollars of extra business. And so much more...

Ready to write your book? 

Influence With A Heart®

[3 Day LIVE 
(virtual) Event]

Does the title of your book makes your ideal clients stop and pay attention? 

Does your book happily set them on the path to your “high ticket” offer — even if they’ve just “met you”?

In this one-of-a-kind, live training, you will map out & understand your strategy for EVERYTHING from:

  • 1) Next Steps With Your Manuscript; 2) Editing / Proofreading; 3) Cover & Interior Design; 4) Book Description; 5) Launch and Timeline; 6) Becoming a Bestseller (or not); 7) Marketing;) and more!

Join us Oct. 29-31, 2021!
Influence With A Heart®


If you’re a consultant, coach, solopreneur, speaker, or small business owner and you want to stand out (unique and authentic)... 

... Ben will write your book for you and honor your message, spirit, and voice...

... while laying the groundwork for more business and opportunities before your book is even finished!

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What People Are Saying About Ben Gioia (“joya”)

"I can't thank you enough for the excellent book coaching, Ben! A publisher discovered some of my writing and book ideas that I'd posted on my blog after working with you and asked me to send in a book proposal.

"He loved my clear and powerful message and easy-to-digest, storytelling style and gave me a book offer!

"This incredible opportunity has been a dream come true and is bringing me many steps closer to fulfilling my mission!"

— Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Depth Hypnosis & Shamanic Practitioner

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