If you want to stand out, write your book (or your next one).

(That’s how you position yourself for more clients, speaking, consulting, and making a powerful impact.)

Think of your positioning as the articulation and presentation of:

• Who you are (professionally; a likable and trustworthy influencer, expert, thought leader, or authority)

• What you offer (and why it’s unique to you)

• How this connects (with what people want)


Based on these, here are 10 things that are critical for you to keep making people aware of:

  1. Your unique perspective/framework/approach
  2. How well you synthesize and deliver information so it’s manageable, accessible, understandable, and offers a new insight or twist
  3. How consistent you are in your communications (for top-of-mind awareness)
  4. How many places you can be found in the marketplace
  5. 5. How many raving fans you have (not just browsers)
  6. How current your brand feels
  7. What level of clientele you work with (based on your level of expertise at the current time, while holding the intention to take it to the next level)
  8. How long you have been serving
  9. Your energy and passion (as others experience it)
  10. The stories you tell about yourself and other people.

By integrating these 10 components into your regular communication—you’ll automatically be positioned as the person who has the answer or solution that your clients, customers, colleagues or audience are looking for—or the message, product, or service that will help them discover the answers and solutions.


Think of it like this, by considering these two images:


1. You’re standing in the river.

If you want to catch more fish, you’ll be more successful if you’re standing in the river with a net than if you’re standing on the shore and yelling, “Hey, fish, come over here; I have what you want!”

• Said another way, it’s almost impossible to influence people to click, follow, read, buy, or invest in what you offer if you position yourself in and around something that nobody wants or they’re not looking for (even if you know they need it).


2. You’re standing in the river, away from the crowd.

While you want to be where the fish are, you don’t want to stand in the part of the river where everyone else is fishing because it’s too crowded.


• Said another way, the goal of your positioning is to express who you are—through your business—in a unique way, so you can stand out in the marketplace or in your niche. Then, people will be attracted to you because they need what you offer, and they realize you’re the right person (or company) to serve them.


EXAMPLE. When I launched my businesses and wrote my books (Marketing With a Heart and then Influence With a Heart), I recognized the need for quality leadership, influential communication, and ethical marketing. To begin, I recognized that people in every industry are always looking for expert, trustworthy help who delivers real outcomes. (I’m standing in the river.)


At the same time, I was able to differentiate myself and create success by adding the “With a Heart” component. (I’m standing in the river, away from the crowd.)


Because, these days, most people don’t want:

• Old-school, sleazy “used-car-salesman” marketing
• Communication that lacks empathy and connection
• Command-and-control leadership


They want leadership, communication, and influence that’s ethical, delivers exceptional value, and aligns with their principles of integrity, trust, value, and service.

That’s why people kept hiring me for speaking, coaching, and consulting. It gave me more reach, I got a better response, and, therefore, I was able to produce more results (for my clients and myself). And I’m happy and grateful to report that this keeps happening.


How about you?

Ready to write your book?

Let me know and let’s chat here.



Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash