With your book, you can do more good for more people

with your business.


And it’s one of the best ways to get clients, fast!


(This and more in my NEW BOOK launching October 22, 2020!)




How To Position Yourself As An Expert, Authority,

or Thought Leader by Writing Your Book

So You Can Do More Good For More People

With Your Business



But writing a book isn’t what it used to be!


Because the world has changed. And people want something different.


They want to live authentically and do work that’s aligned with who they are and why they’re here.


That’s why your book is so powerful.


(“But writing a book is HARD and takes a LONG TIME!”)


Actually, it’s not!

And I proved it.

I turned my book into more than a quarter of a million dollars (of extra income) within the first three years of publishing. And it’s still bringing me business!


[You’ll find everything that made me successful in the pages of this new book!]


Whether you’re a corporate escapee-turned-consultant, an overwhelmed speaker navigating “the new normal”, a coach who’s ready to finally get ‘er done, or a solopreneur bringing your gifts to the world, now is your time!


The 7 Worst Myths About Writing Your Book (That Keep People Stuck and Spinning Their Wheels)

Myth 1:
“Writing a book is hard.”

• No, it’s not, as long as you have a plan and a clear understanding of what you’ll include.
• (And smile.)
• Your book is a great way to position yourself. And it offers multiple ways to market your business while getting your website done.

Myth 2:
“I’m too busy.”

• You only have to write for a little more than one hour a day if you follow the right method.
• I wrote this way to make sure I was managing my time.

Myth 3:
“It’s not worth my time.”

• If you put your book in the hands of 100 people, and 10% of them invested in your high-ticket program, how much would that be worth to you?
• This is one of the many ways to get more business with your book.

Myth 4:
“You can’t make money before it’s published.”

• Actually, if you call yourself the “Forthcoming Author of X,” you’re more likely to get in front of the right, potential clients.

Myth 5:
“The best books are chock full of facts and information.”

• The best books help people shift their ideas and beliefs (instead of just burying them with too much information).
• They make your reader want to contact you.
• Then, getting people to buy is easier because it’s all about connection and relationships instead of old-school selling.

Myth 6:
“You need to sell at least 20,000 books to make 6 figures or more.”

• You don’t need to sell any!
• Because when you get your book into the hands of your ideal client, you can make an extra 6 figures from just one person saying YES! to you. Or two. Or 10. You get the picture.
• This is the most profitable way my books continue to help me with my business.

Myth 7:
“Traditional publishing is better.”

• If you’re a consultant, coach, solopreneur, or coach, self-publishing is better—over 94% of the time!
• Because you get more control, more money, and more freedom to create the book you want on your terms.
• It’s a great way to reach more people and market your business online.


[And you can be published in three months rather than the one or two years that often happens with traditional publishing!]









Ben Gioia (“joya”) is a three-time, best-selling author who makes it easy to write a high-quality, #1 best selling book—in just 5 weeks. With 35 years of print and digital publishing, Ben is the creator of The Influence With A Heart® Method. It’s the best way to position yourself for 10 times more influence by writing a book that helps more people. Discover more at influencewithaheart.com/unique

Ben helped a Fortune 100 company shift culture, trained leaders at Stanford, launched the world’s biggest magazine (AARP), and created a video game with MIT to elevate employee resilience and customer experience. Ben’s teachings are used by over 37,000 people around the world. The Buddha Smile (his signature talk) shows people how to quit suffering now.