The biggest problem in your business is being an expert in your stuff.

So you might be saying, “Wait, wait a minute! I’m supposed to be an expert. And isn’t that what helps me stand out? And isn’t that what helps me attract clients?”


Yes, it is. And you’re absolutely right. And it’s also the biggest problem in your business. Yes, you have a proven track record. Because you’re an expert, congratulations! But it’s also the biggest barrier.


I run into this so many times with folks writing their books, trying to attract clients, and folks trying to go from serving one client at a time to creating a group coaching program or doing an online course,


Why? Because we get stuck in our expertise. We’ve been doing it for so long, we’re so good at it. We’ve served a bunch of people,


But your potential clients don’t understand why they should work with you in the first place. They don’t respond to social media posts, they don’t respond to emails. You try to do an event, you give a talk, and nobody’s showing up.


Why? Because very often, the people we serve present themselves to us with one big challenge. One big frustration, one big goal, and a dream that they want to achieve. They want to overcome the blocks to get there.


So yes, be an expert.


But make that little switch and realize that the people who need the help from you, are not looking for all of the wisdom and the expertise and all the things that you can share with them at that moment.


They’re very often looking to solve for that one thing: they have this challenge or this challenge; this frustration, this fear; they this goal and dream


So when you listen to WHAT THEY WANT…

… and help them understand, hey, I get you…

… using their words. reflecting back to them, helping them shift their beliefs and perspectives into what’s possible… that’s when they will say YES!


Then they can have their business or life (or both) transformed by what you offer.

So keep it simple. Keep it simple, keep it simple. And if you’re an expert, which I know you are, keep it simple.

And that’s how you will make a big impact in the world. That’s how you will attract clients without having to compete for business.


• • •


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