Empathy is the capacity to experience another person’s situation by seeing the world through their eyes.

It gives you the opportunity to connect with them from a place of authenticity, integrity, and service.

When you’re empathetic (and people recognize you are), amazing things happen.

They like and trust you.

You’re seen as a credible expert, authority, or thought leader.


They realize that you’re truly listening so they feel seen and heard.


You understand and have compassion for people’s fears, frustrations, needs, desires, aspirations, goals, and dreams.


You discover the right language to speak to them and know what products/services/solutions to offer.


You know how to help and they understand the value of what you deliver.


You create a tribe of people who say YES to you because you’re helping them to realize their dreams.


You change their business, or life, or both.


As a result, they’re inspired to tell others about you, because they stand behind who you are, what you’re about, and the impact you’re creating in the world.


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Photo: Tim Marshall