And what if you DO expect to get your book done…


What will change in your world?


I’m asking because the first step to creating anything in this world is having the idea.  And then from the idea comes the commitment to making that idea a reality.

But sometimes the commitment begins stirring all of the fear and doubt — and questions of self-worth — and time — and putting yourself out there — and that stuff that holds you back… from becoming the greatest expression of who you are. (And that never feels good, right?)


So I recommend a reframe/expanding of your concept of commitment.


Have you ever driven, or been the passenger in a car at night? On a dark road… where you can’t see your destination at all. And you can’t see very far in front of you either (but the stars are so beautiful)!

And you EXPECT to make it to your destination.

So as you continue driving your headlights reach just that much further along the road. Each turn of the wheels. Each passing second.


Minute after minute, you get closer and closer to your destination and sooner or later you get there.

(Said another way, you can have the big vision, AND you don’t at all have to know how to get there, right at this moment.)

That’s how you reframe commitment. Because when you do this you take the edge off of the overwhelm and bring your focus back into taking incremental steps that make your dream of writing your book into reality.

By doing the right thing, day by day, hour by hour, you’re keeping your eye on the prize.

If you have a book in you (or partially done) — and I know you do — this is the foundation of what it takes to make it happen. Commitment is expectation with trust and faith and joy and ease.


That’s how you get your book written (or finished the right way.) And you know that it would be my honor and pleasure to help you. (Just hit reply to this email, or schedule a call with me to talk about your book.)

In the meanwhile, I wish you a wonderful weekend. Lots of rest. And I invite you to celebrate all of the wins that you have created this week, whether they’re big or small or anything in between!

They are an expression of your success. And they are a way that you build momentum to creating the business, impact, lifestyle, and freedom that you want.



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