I want to share some thoughts about letting go of beliefs so you can make the impact you want. And be happier too! Yes, I’m getting all deep and philosophical for a moment. You ready? 🙂


The things we experience—with others, in the world around us, and with ourselves—are impacted by our interpretations, expectations, assumptions, intentions, beliefs, biology, principles, values, environment, associations, fears, and desires.

That’s a lot of input that can keep us from seeing the truth and the reality of the world around us and within ourselves. For as much as we all must keep learning and understanding and discovering—there’s as much, if not more, that we need to unlearn and release—so we can grow, succeed, and create more influence in the world.

And so we can love who we are and what we’re about, every single day.

Otherwise, our ability to make a bigger impact and live the life that we love is limited by the roles, stories, and beliefs that have been handed to us, rather than what we’ve discovered for ourselves.

Wisdom, joy, and magic show up in our lives when we let things go.

Did you ever stop and think about all the learning that’s happened in your life?So much learning, so much information, so many experiences. So much stuff, and some might be holding you back.

Holding you back from yourself, your greatness, your happiness, doing the work you love (on your own terms), and living your life the way you want to live it.

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• It might be what you learned at school and what you learned from your parents and friends

• What (many of us) learned from television

• There’s what the internet teaches

• What work teaches

• What your mistakes and misperceptions teach

• What debt and scarcity thinking teach

• What religion and spirituality teach

• What altered states of consciousness teach

• What our spouses or partners teach

• What our children teach

• What our pets teach

• What sickness, old age, and death teach

• What myths & misunderstandings — about writing, books, and publishing teach — and keep us from having a business & life we love

That’s a lot of teaching, from when you were young and very impressionable to today, where you are less impressionable, a bit wiser, and more discerning.

All of us have values and beliefs that we never chose for ourselves, but somehow, they became a part of us. And part of the business world.

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And that’s usually what holds us back.

So what’s one thing you can surrender, right now?

From there, what do you want to cultivate more of as you take your business (and your life) to the next level?

What are you going to do for yourself, for your business, and your life, so you can make a bigger impact?

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See you then!