Have you noticed that a lot of people are selling a lot of stuff (and services) in this 2015 holiday season?

(How could you not?)

As I look around this year…it brings up a big question:

“What am I giving for the holidays?”

And that made me reflect…

There’s so much “getting” this season.

This is not a complaint, nor a judgement.

But the noise…

The noise that assaults your eyes, ears, and heart…from the gaudy, nonstop array of promotion, advertising, marketing, pitching, and selling.

It’s can be really, REALLY loud and distracting. It might even be keeping you from asking yourself this same question and spending some time reflecting:

“What am I giving for the holidays?”

Because…in the moments you begin answering, everything begins to shift: in YOUR promotion, advertising, marketing, pitching, and / or selling.

Because you’re starting from a place of giving.

You’re leading from a place of service.

You’re opening the door to receiving everything you want, need, and more…by helping people in a way that benefits everyone involved.

Mother Teresa once said,

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

Giving is a key for business success…and for making a bigger impact in the world.

And this is true whether you’re serving 1 or 10 or 10,000 people.

Because “making a bigger impact” is not just about numbers.

It’s how much intention you bring to your actions.

It’s how much love goes into your giving.

It’s how and how much your take care of your relationships—in your business and in your life—and how important it is to your happiness and success.

• • •


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Ben Gioia, Speaker and Coach: Thought Leadership, Inspiration & Authority, Expert Positioning, Influence & Impact | #1 Bestselling Author

Ben Gioia, Speaker: Thought Leadership, Inspiration & Authority / Expert Positioning | Influence & Impact | #1 Bestselling Author

Thanks for reading!

My name is Ben Gioia and I help entrepreneurs, visionaries, and leaders create more income, more influence, and more impact by 1) expressing their true purpose; 2) telling their story; and 3) maximizing and leveraging their authority, expertise, and thought leadership.

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