How To Be A Better Leader and Communicator by Using More Empathy,
Story, and Thought Leadership
Discover how to inspire more of your clients, customers, and audience to say, "YES" to your ideas, vision, message, products, and/or service. This simple framework: empathy + story + thought leadership (and a dash of mindfulness) — is proven, powerful, and practical… whether you’re face-to-face, online, onstage, or on the phone.
“We humans are emotional beings who survive and ultimately thrive based on interpersonal relationships. And influence is the secret sauce that wins people over. This book will help you be more a more influential leader and a better communicator.”
—Whitney Vosburgh
Co-Founder: Work The Future! Today
Former Consulting Chief Marketing Officer
Hewlett-Packard Enterprises
The Thought Leadership and Authority Overhaul™ Coaching Program
Featuring six(7) high-leverage, hands-on sessions… giving you six(7) high-leverage outcomes:
(1) ‘Next Level’ LinkedIn Profile with Summary, Tagline, and Guidance; (2) Thought Leadership / Authority / Expertise Framework; (3) Authentic Approach To Articulating 10X+ Value; (4) Top Topics Roadmap; (5) Branding & Website Content; (6) Communications Framework; and (7) Core Client Strategy

Are you ready for a purpose-driven pivot… or to “turn up the volume”... or to re-establish your expertise in your industry or field? If so, I invite you to join me...
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"Ben delivered a very engaging and inspiring presentation at one of our events and I would highly recommend him to other organizations. We received a lot of positive feedback about his presentation including requests to have him return again. His content, presence and engaging style were inspiring and really kept the room energized. It was also an added value for the audience to have his books available at the event. I highly recommend him for trainings and as a speaker."
— Mary Mix
Strategic Marketing
Kaiser Permanente
How To Use Trust Based Marketing
For Greater Income, Influence, and Impact
This #1 best selling book offers inspiration, insight, and a framework for you to create even more positive impact (and be more profitable)… while expressing your true purpose.
“This is a must read for any salesperson, business owner or entrepreneur. Marketing With A Heart is not just about marketing and selling. It is about communicating with people. Ben shares his incredible heart felt experiences and principles to help build lasting relationships in any business. I am recommending this book to all of my clients.”
—John Formica The “Ex-Disney Guy”
America’s Customer Experience Coach,
Speaker and Author
Simple Ways To Lead & Communicate Better
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