How To Write/Finish, Publish, and Profit From A Book That You’re Proud Of

Leverage the IDEA of the book to get more leads, clients, & strategic partners (EVEN BEFORE YOU’RE PUBLISHED) — so you can have the business & life you love!

(Perfect if you want to make an impact with your message AND be positioned as a unique expert, thanks to your book!)

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Here's what you'll discover in just 30 minutes...

  1. Myths, beliefs, and misperceptions that keep most people from bringing their book to the world
  2. Ways to leverage your book to attract more clients, partners, speaking, coaching, and / or consulting
  3. The biggest writing & publishing mistakes that people make (and how to avoid them)
  4. What it takes to get your book done 87% faster than how most folks teach it (and do it)
  5. Creating revenue & making an impact with your book, before it’s published (or even written)
  6. Enjoying the privilege & opportunity to take your stand — as a unique expert with YOUR book — and a business & life you love!

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