ATTN: Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, And Small Business Owners Who Want To Make An Impact As A Unique Expert  With Their Book


Did you know? Your Book Could Be Finished In Just 5 Weeks!


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Hey it’s Ben,


Writing/finishing a profitable, high-quality book — and doing it fast — isn’t difficult. 


And I proved it.


And if I could do it, you can 100% do it with one hand tied behind your back (because I used to be a “hot mess”)!


And I want you to know this because — with my book done — all sorts of things took shape…)


  • I made 7X more money than my prior year (from $27,163 to $190,141)! 
  • Some of that happened before I even started my book!
  • I spoke at Stanford twice more.
  • I also made an additional $254,042.78 (in the following three years) from getting it done (in less than 5 weeks)! That’s more than a quarter of a million dollars of speaking, coaching, and consulting business directly tied to my book! 


Not only that…


Thanks to my book (which led to a gig with a Fortune 100 company (with M.I.T.), I was able to reach more than 20,000 people with my message!  (Even though I only had 452 people on my email list!)


So, if you want to get more clients & partners  — before you’re published, even before you’re book is done  — and then know how to get your book published & positioned right, you’ll see exactly how I did it.


Yes, Ben, I want my version of all of that, and more!




IT ALL STARTED when I was invited to teach a 2-day training (at Stanford University) about the Influence With A Heart Method® and how to use it in their organization! (Somebody found me on LinkedIn.)


THE AUDIENCE was 126 business leaders who were visiting the US and making stops throughout Silicon Valley. They were touring Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn (to study and learn in support of their businesses/successes). And then they would stop at Stanford to learn stuff. From me


THIS MEANS that I would be delivering 2-day training live training to and more 100 millionaires would be in the room! (And I was the guy making less than $30.000 a year, doing catering gigs on the side, carrying $50,000 of high interest credit card debt, and sporting a negative net worth)!


(I was soooooooo excited to speak at Stanford! AND SO NERVOUS, too!)

Because this was the BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY IN MY BUSINESS so far!)


Now, picture me, on the phone, finalizing contract details with the Event Planner…


I knew that I needed to make a good impression on her, my audience, and the company that was investing in me to deliver an amazing experience. So I told the Event Planner that I would give each person a free, autographed copy of my new book…


(… BUT / AND NOTE! At this point in time, I hadn’t written the book! It was still bouncing around in my brain!)


The Event Planner INSTANTLY understood how gifting my book would add a ton of value and her company (by association — would benefit as well).


She said, “Thank you! This is amazing!  Nobody else has ever made such a valuable and generous offer! They will LOVE this!”


“You’re welcome!” I said. 


And we e-signed the contract… it was now official


I completed the call, gazed out the window, took a deep breath, and said:


“Holy cannolis! I need to write this book… and I’ve got less than 5 weeks!”


So I write…


And write…


And write…


“Yes, Ben, I want to finish my book, too!”


Five weeks FLY by.  And… good news! I did it! I wrote my book! 


In just 3.5 weeks! Then got it produced and shipped to me for autographs (in the following 3 weeks).  Finally, I showed up to Stanford, delivered my 2-day training, and everyone received a copy of my book, just like I’d promised! (7-figure, global business leaders (100+ millionaires)… they ALL got my book!)


Then… so much MORE BUSINESS!


  • I was invited to give a live talk at their company headquarters in Sydney! Two days later I was asked to do a second talk, to a Chinese-speaking audience, through a translator!


  • From there, three months fly by, and now I’m negotiating with a Fortune 100 company for my first 6-figure consulting fee! (They asked me to help them create a mindfulness & empathy video game — in collaboration with MIT(!) — for more than 20,000 employees worldwide.)


  • All of this is “real life” PROOF! Your book will help you attract more clients & opportunities, so you can keep your cashflow steady!


“Yes, Ben I want a six (or 7) figure consulting gig, thanks to my book!”




  1. Because your book makes you a CATEGORY OF ONE!
  2. It helps establish your brand, FAST! 
  3. You increase your value AT THE SAME TIME that you position your expertise! 
  4. It makes you not only confident, but CERTAIN in your amazing skills, experience, and wisdom (“special sauce)!


Then it’s easy for you to attract more of the right leads, right clients, and right referrals! So let me ask you…


  • Do you want an easy, step-by-step, decision-free roadmap for writing/finishing your book (that fits into your rich/full/busy life)?


  • Do you want to position yourself as a unique, credible  expert with a powerful, meaningful book?


  • Is now YOUR TIME to rocket-ship your authority and have the business & life you want (without getting derailed by all “the stuff” that stops most people)?


(“STUFF” like getting started, fear, doubt, ‘imposter syndrome,’ ‘writer’s block’, where to start, shame, ‘lack of discipline’, fear or rejection, loss of the tribe, over-thinking, 
self-sabotage, self-judgment, what to actually write, lack of 
self-worth, ‘monkey mind, ’overwhelm, confusion, your inner critic, 
and/or that feeling of, ‘it’s so much bigger than me!’)


“Absolutely, Ben,  it’s my time!”


✅ Then 5 Week Book Mastery is the easiest way to write/finish your high-quality book, so you can create the freedom, life, and impact you want!


Get your book done, know your exact publishing roadmap, and have conversations (about your book) that bring you clients & partnerships, before your book is finished!


✅Enjoy triple productivity & results (with more calm and clarity than ever before) plus a unique, private community of like-minded business owners, experts, influencers, and visionaries! 


—— >> Begins July 5, 2022! (Join here.)


Q: “But is it really possible to finish my book… and still have time to live my life, be part of  my family, do my work, and/or all that other stuff?”


A: “YES IT IS!” The Influence With A Heart® Method allows for deep work, deep rest, and time to enjoy your life… all writing/finishing a (soon-to-be) bestselling, high-quality book that you’re proud of. Not only that, it’s also a cornerstone for the success & impact you make with your business.


I’ve spent the last 12 years integrating the best tools, strategies, and practices for writing/finishing a stellar book AND easily developing the skill to bring high-quality focus and triple efficiency, for every kind of project.


This unique approach (The Influence With A Heart Method®) worked for me.  It works for my clients. It’s proven, repeatable, and leads to consistent (often epic) outcomes. 


Let me say it again: it’s a proven method. 


So as long as you stick to the plan, ask questions, and follow my guidance it will absolutely work for you!


I’m ready to get started!


Q: “Is this right for me? A: “YES, this is (definitely) right for you if…”


  1. You understand the benefit of getting your book done 87% faster (in as little as 5 weeks) AND immediately attracting your best clients & partners by having conversations about your book (with an effective, proven method & customized script).

☑ (Why wait?)


  1. You want to position yourself as a unique expert, authority, or thought leader — in your market, field, or industry — with a book that’s easy to read, hard to put down, and makes your reader want to have a conversation with you;


  1. You love the idea of easily finishing your book fast and publishing it right, thanks to:

☑ an easy-to-follow, paint-by-numbers, fill-in-the blanks, book writing template;

☑ complementary guidance, blueprint, steps, models, and checklists); 

☑ right-by-your-side support from Ben + the mastermind group via weekly live calls and a private, intimate LinkedIn group (just for active book writers);


  1. You want a custom publishing roadmap and to know the best ways to write/finish/publish/launch the right way for YOUR BOOK and YOUR BUSINESS (i.e. so you can make money + impact with / thanks to your book).

☑  Now, you know what’s up in the publishing world so you don’t spend an unnecessary $63,000 (no joke) on book/publishing activities (with nothing to show for it other than the book itself and a huge hole in your wallet);


  1. You know that NOW is the perfect time for you to (finally) get your book done alongside a community of other consultants, coaches, speakers, and small business owners who want to make a bigger impact, be more successful, and have the life they want;
  2. ​You want Ben as your book coach, business coach, AND your developmental editor for these magical 7 weeks.

☑ You get his 37 years(!) experience, success, and hard-earned wisdom — via writing, the publishing world, corporate world, copywriting, magazine editing & production, speaking, book writing, business development, nonprofits/NGOs, and as a 12 + year entrepreneur, and so much more; and


  1. And… you’ll love it because there’s no risk to you, whatsoever!


No Risk To You… Satisfaction, Guaranteed!


I absolutely guarantee that if you adhere to all the guidelines, schedule, and steps of this method, you will complete your book in as little as 5 weeks.  If for some reason you can’t stick around (for any reason) you will receive a 100% refund (as long as you let me know within 14 days of the beginning of your course).


YES, Ben I want to get clients & partners before I’m published…
and get my book done, so I can make a bigger impact!


Here’s What You Will Receive


✔ Get Your Book Done in 5 Weekswith a Plug-and-Play, Easy-To-Follow Blueprint For Your Book —  for instant credibility, authority, and visibility — and you don’t even have to write every day!  You’ll know exactly what to write — and why — for each section of your book. (This means is that you minimize decision making and save your brain & energy for your content.) (Value: $8,497)

✔ Get Happy & Write — How To Let Go Overthinking, Overwhelm, and Other “Stuff” That Keeps People Stuck. No matter the thoughts, feelings, emotions, inner dialogues, fears, and doubts … there is one simple way to navigate all of it. (You will learn this one tool, right away in the course… and it will change your life!) (Value: $2,497)


✔ Get Clients & Partners From Conversations About Your Book (and make a bigger impact) before your book is published (or even finished!) — Enjoy this a simple, step-by-step, scripted, proven way to speak with people about your book and start getting leads, referrals, and clients. (Value: $4,997)


✔ Stay On Track Automatically and Triple Your Progress+Productivity+Insight — Get your book done (quick, calm & chill… with time for self care) — AND save time with smart scheduling that cultivates your best ideas, intuition, and insight. (This means that you’re “working” on your book even while you’re asleep! (Value: $1,997)


BONUS #1 FOR YOU — Getting Stellar Testimonials — Ben will help you get real testimonials that will position you as an authority and get people excited about turning the pages, reading more of your book, and contacting you for next steps. (Value: $2,997)


BONUS #2 FOR YOU — One VIP Ticket to Ben’s 2-Day Live, Virtual Event: PUBLISH, POSITION, and PROFIT MASTERPLAN — From this weekend, you will have your EXACT ROADMAP for getting it done and then publishing, launching, and profiting from your book! Plus finding and partnering with the right influencers, changemakers, and collaborators — from a publisher with more than 110 strategic partnerships. (Value: $4,426)




REGULAR: $1,997

YOUR INVESTMENT TODAY:  ONLY $1,497      ONLY 679!!!   You Save 66% / $1,318   

Guarantee: 14 DAY Money Back Guarantee (from Day 1 of the course)

☑  (Act now! Freedom Friday Offer expires at high noon, SATURDAY 11:59am Pacific 7/2/22!)

“I’m already filling slots for this group that will be starting soon! So, I want to make sure there’s a spot for you. AND I want to make sure you get in for the EXTRA SPECIAL ‘Early Bird’ Investment! Want to join me?


“YES Ben, I want to join you!”


“Will It Pay Me Back?”


I know it will, because it works. And, I invite you to ask yourself these four (4) questions:


  1. “If all this did was help you attract more of the right people, so you could make a bigger impact in the world… would that be worth it?”


  1. “If all this did was help you create success on your own terms… would that be worth it?


  1. If all this did was give you the confidence to increase your rates 5X, 10X, or more, would that be worth it?”


  1. “If all this did was get you one (1) extra, new client each month, would that be worth it? (How much is one client worth to you?)


“YES, I want to FINISH MY BOOK!”


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  1. Can I really write my book in 5 weeks?

—- Yes, if you follow the process, schedule, and recommendations from me. 🙂 It’s a proven, replicable process.


  1. What if I’m not a good writer?

—- A) You’re better than you think. B) It’s not all “writing”… you’ll be speaking and creating your book in other ways.


  1. How can I write a book when the whole idea feels OVERWHELMING?

—- This method is PROVEN and developed for you to succeed. There’s a roadmap, schedule, structure, accountability, community, and a whole lotta LOVE.


  1. Do I need to write every day?

—- Do not. The timeline for this process is 6 days of writing / 1 day off / repeat.


  1. Do I have to work like a crazy person to write my book in 5 weeks?

—- NOPE. You do not. There is time for rest, rejuvenation, and YOUR LIFE  built right into the method… so you have time to recharge and rock your writing! 


“Good to know… and YES, I want to BRING MY BOOK TO THE WORLD!


Thanks for reading and considering what’s possible! I’m delighted to support you.


If you’re still on the fence about getting your book DONE, let me ask you a coaching question, 


“If not now, WHEN?” 


Let’s get your book done right, shall we? (and there’s a guarantee!)


With love and a big hug,



Hurry… the clock’s a tickin’!    (Hurry, but never rush!)   



You have nothing to lose, EVERYTHING TO GAIN! No risk 14 day money back guarantee!




Isn’t it time to FINALLY get your book done?