It’s easy, fast, and fun to write a high quality book so you can help more people with your message. 😃


I learned that writing a high-quality book, and doing it fast, isn’t difficult. I did it in 5 weeks and it changed by business!

(Perfect for consultants, coaches, speakers, and solopreneurs who want to have more influence and make a bigger impact.)

So now I’ve distilled all those lessons into my new book!



How To Position Yourself As An Expert, Authority, or Thought Leader by Writing Your Book

So You Can Do More Good For More People With Your Business


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When you read the book, you’ll discover:


🧡 1. how I make writing a book EASY with the tool that reduces my writing time 94% (every time I write)


🧡 2. how my book opened the door to a consulting contract with a Fortune 100 company


🧡 3. what I did when I spoke at Stanford so the audience members invited me to do a training at their headquarters in Sydney, Australia


🧡 4. how you can get paid (lots) for your wisdom and hard earned life lessons


🧡 5. what I did to make six figures without having to sell 20,000 books


🧡 6. how writing your book is powerful and will help bring more clients and opportunities—even before you publish!


🧡 7. how I cultivate intuition and insight when I want them (instead of waiting for “inspiration”)


🧡 8. how to 10X your influence by using more empathy, story, and thought leadership in your book


🧡 9. the “inner game”, mindset tools, and morning routines that make you happier in your business and in your life


🧡 10. how to forgive yourself, forgive others, and quit the “suffering habit”


🧡 11. why self care and loving-kindness are the foundation for sustainable success, reaching more people and making a bigger impact with your message!

So whether you’re a corporate escapee-turned-consultant, an overwhelmed speaker navigating “the COVID environment”, or a coach who’s ready to finally get ‘er done, it’s going to be lovely to be done with your book and it will do lots of good for your business and the people you serve!


Get it today here!