WHEN YOU MAKE an offer to your potential clients or audience, don’t “close the sale”. Make your invitation in a way that people are fully committed to their choice to invest in you. You want them to say YES(!). 

Why You Never Want To Close A Sale by Ben Gioia Influence With A Heart

If you have a wishy-washy commitment, the chances of them following through with your system, process, or transformation are slim to none.

It will drain your energy, eat up your time, and leave them dissatisfied with their results.

So to help people get fully committed (to yes or no), take these steps. (And make sure you’re operating from a place of high integrity.)

1. Educate them about what’s possible (so they can make the right choice for their situation).

2. Articulate the value of what you offer (so they understand that what they’re getting is worth 5-10X their investment).

3. Invite them to say YES, as long as you’re clear that this is a win for everyone in the mix.

There’s a difference between someone who is on the fence and someone who is hesitating because of a bigger issue. Your job is to recognize the difference so you can support them in making the choice that’s for everyone’s highest good.

In the words of one of my mentors Adam Markel, “don’t close the sale, open the relationship.”

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