Publish, Position, and Profit MasterPlan is happening May 21 & 22!


Attend This EXCLUSIVE, 1.5-day Deep Dive — on publishing / writing (finishing) / profiting / partnering — so you can have the business, the freedom, and the impact you want… thanks to your book!


Whether you have an idea, a half-done book, or even a messy manuscript, you will know exactly what to do next! You’ll know your optimum timeline for making it happen, with the milestones to achieve (and knowing the pitfalls to avoid). This isn’t just another online course or conference—it’s an interactive, immersive, enlightening experience that will demystify publishing and empower you to make a powerful and profitable difference. 




This isn’t just another online course or live event.

It’s a small-group, immersive, enlightening experience. You’ll have a (custom) proven, publishing roadmap for making a powerful and profitable difference with your book.

(You will know exactly what to do, whether you have an idea, a half-done book, or even a messy manuscript!)


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In this one-of-a-kind, LIVE training, we will co-create your custom Book Profit Roadmap! You’ll know about…


1)  What you want to be doing, plus when, why, and how (in terms of publishing YOUR BOOK comprehensively… and based on your goals, dreams, business, and lifestyle);

2)  Leveraging your book to instantly position yourself as a world-class expert (so you can create impact with your message and create a living legacy);

3) Making six figures or more (without selling a single book);

4) Storytelling for Experts (that positions you as a unique expert in your market, field, or industry);

5) “Do I self publish, or what? (This DOES NOT mean “do it yourself”.)

6)  The power of tapping into your genius, power, and heart every day (so you can be three times more productive — with greater calm, connection, and happiness than ever before);

7)  How to start getting clients & partners (before you’re published… or even finished writing)!