Did you ever pause for a moment…and think about all of the learning in your life? 

There’s what we learned at school and what we learned from our parents and friends. What (many of us) learned from television. 

There’s what the internet teaches. What work teaches. What debt teaches. What our mistakes teach. 

What philosophy, religion, and spirituality teach. What altered states of consciousness teach. 

What our spouses or partners teach. What our children teach. What our pets teach.

What sickness, old age, and death teach.

That’s a lot of teaching, from when we were young and very impressionable…to where we are now and (hopefully) less impressionable (and a bit wiser and more discerning).

There’s a quote from Brian Tracy that says, “Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge…that they can apply to their work and to their lives…will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.”

I agree 100%.

AND, that’s not the whole story.

For as much as we need to keep learning and understanding, there’s as much, if not more, that we need to unlearn and release, so we can grow. 

Otherwise, our success and our ability to make a bigger impact are limited by the roles, stories, and beliefs that have been handed to us, rather than what than the ones we’ve discovered and chosen to take on for ourselves.

So I invite you to keep learning…and to keep letting go.

• • •


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Ben Gioia, Speaker and Coach: Thought Leadership, Inspiration & Authority, Expert Positioning, Influence & Impact | #1 Bestselling Author

Ben Gioia, Speaker: Thought Leadership, Inspiration & Authority / Expert Positioning | Influence & Impact | #1 Bestselling Author

Thanks for reading!

My name is Ben Gioia and I help entrepreneurs, visionaries, and leaders create more income, more influence, and more impact by 1) expressing their true purpose; 2) telling their story; and 3) maximizing and leveraging their authority, expertise, and thought leadership.

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