My name is Ben Gioia and I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer anymore.


This is what I learned from facing death 4 times in 72 hours on a hike in India!


And the good news is that you

don’t need to meditate

for 12 years (like I did) or

go halfway around the world

or trek through the Himalayas to

take this gift home with you.



It’s simple. It’s easy. 


And this is something that can be done by every person on this planet.

But right now, about 98% of the planet has no idea about this yet.


So how about you?


Do you want to quit suffering?


If so, come hang out with me tomorrow morning for Speakers Who Dare, the movie, live-streamed from New York City.


I’ll deliver my talk ‘The Buddha Smile: How To Quit Suffering Now. Alongside 21 other speakers are delivering mind-blowing talks and world-changing ideas.


You can watch at any time once the movie goes live, starting at 10 AM Eastern / 7am Pacific on March 24th. (Yes, there is a recording.)


Tickets for the Livestream. (Only $22 vs $250-$750 in person).

ABOUT Speakers Who Dare.


I’m Ben Gioia and I’m a Speaker Who Dares!


See you tomorrow!


Photo Mark Daynes, Unsplash