How To Write/Finish, Publish, and Profit From A Book That You’re Proud Of

Here’s what you’ll discover in just 30 minutes…

• Myths, beliefs, and misperceptions that keep most people from bringing their book to the world

• What it takes to get your book done 87% faster than how most folks teach it (and do it)

• Ways to leverage your book to attract more clients, partners, speaking, coaching, and / or consulting

• Creating revenue & making an impact with your book, before it’s published (or even written)

• The biggest writing & publishing mistakes that people make (and how to avoid them)

• Enjoying the privilege & opportunity to take your stand — as a unique expert with YOUR book — and a business & life you love!

See you there!

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“I started working with Ben because Ben has a step-by-step process for me to complete my book. And I wanted someone who could help me be accountable to the process and getting it done.

“Working with Ben, I got so much more as a psychologist and a spiritual leader. I was a little surprised when I got stuck on working with the book and the emotions that came up (with what I was called to do and writing the book). And I got so much from Ben helping me to just process and work through that and expanding my notion of what the book could be.

“Thank you so much Ben!

• • •

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