The 13 steps to help tons of people, have what you want, and live in absolute freedom


1. remember it’s a marathon

2. the marathon has rest stops, pit stops, and party stops

3. don’t compromise on your ideals

4. make sure you know what your ideals are

5. not sure how? listen to that inner voice

6. not sure how? start meditating for 1 minute a day

7. not sure how? pay attention to the feeling of love in your heart and smile all the while

8. stop taking things personally

9. not sure how? recognize that the ENTIRE universe (inside and outside your head and body) is arising and passing away trillions of times EACH SECOND

10. all that is happening regardless so don’t fight it

11. so chill the f**k out, smile, and take that nap

12. keep serving people

13. and resume marathon with a smile



And keep smiling!



Photo: Taylor Griffith, Unsplash