Sometimes you see that post that says, “my office today” and it shows something lovely… perhaps tropical…

And it’s very often engineered to create a sense of “don’t you wish you could have this”…


… followed by an invitation to buy something. (So you too can have an “office today” kind of experience.)


But this ain’t that.


This not a flippant, “hey check me out” kinda post.


Rather, I write this with a whole heap of gratitude.


And recognition of the abundance of this amazing Earth that we share, that is our home, that is our Mother, and that makes us one human family.


I’m grateful to share this (from here in the Virgin Islands).


It took me 10 years to get here.

Not just to this geographical location, but to this place in my business.

And to this place of bringing my gifts to the world.


So I want to ask you…

What do your next 10 years look like?

Whether you go for it, or not, 10 years will pass.

(In the proverbial blink of an eye.)


So, do you want to look back from YOUR place of success, YOUR place of progress, etc…. and see goodness?

Or will you look back (and see that you’re just doing / thinking / being the “same old, same old” that you were 10 years ago?

The world needs you to be the best expression of you (whatever that means to you).

So I invite you to go for it. On your terms. As you like it.



And then send me a picture, because I’d love to see what you’ve created!



Much love,