Having a sense of purpose (or in this case, senses of purpose) is vitally important to your health, wealth, wellbeing, business, and impact.


I’ve had times in my life where I struggled and asked myself (and sometimes yelled to the sky), “What’s my purpose? What I am I here?”

Sometimes it was straight up, “WTF?!”

And then, as a very wise teacher (and songwriter) once shared, “Seek for the truth and the truth shall appear.”

And by golly it did!

Purpose was no longer ONE thing. But three.

And that made a lot more sense and felt a lot more spacious. Because if you try to put me in a box and tell me there’s ONE truth, ONE path, ONE way, then I get tend to get a bit antsy and rebellious.

(Know what I’m sayin’?)

Anyhow, three is indeed the magic number. Here are the three kinds of purpose.

#1 Waking up — reality is so much more — in this world and the universe — than we perceive with our six senses (the usual five + consciousness). There is pain, suffering, joy, happiness, sickness, compassion old age and death… all part of this journey of life. Are you going to spend your time and energy fighting with what manifests (and trying to escape from life), or are you going to ride the wave and discover what’s really up, for YOU?

#2 Being present — whether or not you’re looking to wake up, your most powerful asset in life is presence. Even if you’re atheist, agnostic, or anything in between & beyond, you still want to be present. (Science shows that it’s good for you.) Les stress, better health, better relationships, more effective leadership, a better book… the list goes on and on…

#3 Doing your thang / sharing your message / serving your people — this is your life. Do it. Enjoy it. Experience. Participate in it. Because you don’t know how long you’re going to be here. People need your message right now. They want the gift of your hard-earned wisdom, right now. Don’t wait. There never was, nor will there be anyone like you. Ever. So do your thing and serve your people. Right now.

Now what do you do?

First, relax your head, relax your face, smile, and breathe,

Second, recognize that you’re exactly where you need to be right at this moment.

Third, join me for a deeply transformational, purpose-galvanizing experience this Tuesday.

I’ll be guiding you in  THE DISCOMFORT ZONE: How To Bring Your Purpose To The Pages of Your Book at Susan Crossman’s Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit.

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Come get your purpose dialed in, your message on point, and yourself more galvanized than ever, for your book.

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