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“Claire, it’s been an honor and pleasure to be your book coach, strategist, and cheerleader through this wonderful adventure of  HOW TO BE A BADASS LAWYER!”

— Ben Gioia

What is a badass lawyer? A badass lawyer is an attorney who loves, trusts, cares for, and honors themselves as they serve the needs of clients. And this is a badass book. It’s for lawyers looking for better ways to reduce stress, improve relationships, enjoy better health, and curb overthinking. It’s actually the best book about lawyer wellness — that’s been written by a practicing attorney (and mom) — that you will ever read.

Instead of a tome, it’s a practical guide — delivered in plain English (instead of “lawyer-speak”). And the evidence shows (your honor), that what you discover in these pages will work for you.

Almost every day, scientific, peer-reviewed studies continue to prove that mindfulness, meditation, and compassion practices can lower stress and have a laundry list of positive benefits. (Even when you’re anxious, worried, or feeling stress, you can still be a badass lawyer.)

This book will show you how.

The author, Claire E. Parsons, is a practicing lawyer, mom, and mindfulness teacher who doesn’t have time to waste and knows you don’t either. She wrote this guide to help you quickly develop a complete mindfulness practice that will foster mental clarity, focus, ease, emotional intelligence, and resilience. And to do it in a way that fits your life and makes your time with family and friends even better.

Without lingo or mysticism, HOW TO BE A BADASS LAWYER offers approaches to personal development and personal transformation that will change your life… without relying on motivation.

The best part is that you don’t have to be perfect to make this work. A few minutes a day, a few extra deep breaths, and the willingness to have more peace in your life.

The world needs the “badass lawyer you”. And more importantly, you need you.

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Claire E. Parsons is a bestselling author, attorney, and certified meditation, yoga, & compassion teacher. Not to mention a spouse, mom to two girls, the founder of the Brilliant Legal Mind blog. She’s also the author of the forthcoming children’s book, Mommy Needs a Minute. Claire struggled with anxiety, depression, and overthinking until she found meditation and it changed her life. Today, she teaches mindfulness, compassion and how to be a badass lawyer. (Disclaimer: It’s not just for lawyers.)

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“Anyone who knows mindfulness, knows it can be hard. Claire breaks it down in a practical way and shares how compassion can make a huge difference for lawyers whether they meditate regularly or not.”
— Talar Herculian Coursey, General Counsel of Vista Lincoln Ford of Southern California, active yogi, and author of Ralphy’s Rules for Living the Good Life and co-author of #Networked and Women in Law

“Claire is a thought leader in the legal profession and she’s sharing her knowledge of mindfulness and compassion at a time when lawyers and law firms need it.”
— John Trimble, Partner, Lewis Wagner, LLP Indianapolis

“We all go through challenging times and having the capacity to navigate them with compassion is at the heart of resilience. I’m thrilled that Claire has written this book for the legal profession. I can’t imagine a better guide.”
— Laura Banks, Certified Compassion Cultivation Training© Instructor

“Claire’s knowledge and practical understanding of what litigators face puts her in the ideal position to help lawyers navigate their practice with compassion for others and compassion for themselves, which is why I asked Claire to speak to our firm about compassion practices. Contrary to the popular image, it is compassion and not the absence of compassion that makes a truly badass lawyer. Claire shows us the way to becoming better lawyers, and people, through compassion practices and meditation. I am grateful that she is sharing her experience and wisdom about these transformational practices.”
— Eddie Medina, Partner, Foley & Mansfield, Miami, Florida

“Claire is a great person to speak to lawyers about mindfulness, compassion, and wellness because she lives the life of a lawyer and knows how to speak their language.”
— Tom MacIntosh, experienced law firm IT Administrator and Mindful Leadership Coach, certified at Reiki Level III, as a meditation teacher, and in emotional intelligence

“Claire’s devotion to mindfulness and compassion is something the legal industry has needed for decades. Better still, she presents her material in a practical and accessible manner that enables any lawyer to apply these principles to their own lives.”
— Jeremy W. Richter, attorney and author of Level Up Your Law Practice