The experience of coffee (or tea) captures the essence of #mindfulness.


It doesn’t mean that you must drink coffee or tea… to be mindful.

It does illustrate that you can practice mindfulness throughout your day (and get the benefits) no matter what you’re doing… at #work, at home, and everywhere in between.

Here are 10 ways you can make coffee (or tea) a #mindful experience:

1. Remembering. (You like coffee).

2. Physical #awareness: sensations in your belly and the #feeling of your feet on the floor.

3. #Acknowledging information (coffee is coming).

4. #Recognizing that you’re excited (coffee is coming).

5. #Knowing that you’re smelling coffee.

6. #Breathing… and knowing that you’re doing it, as you’re doing it.

7. Your awareness of yourself, your physical surroundings, ambient sounds, and how you’re feeling at the #moment.

8. Remembering that your #mind is a “thought factory” that pumps out a lot of noise (on top of — and in spite of — your #wisdom and insights).

9. Offering #gratitude to honor and acknowledge your #blessings.

10. Being #present… as you take your first sip.

• • •

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