You probably noticed that it’s 2020. And you probably noticed that lots of people are asking you to make:


resolutions… to exceed your expectations… to make plans… to reach your goals… to achieve your dreams.

And that’s all well and good and important and truly part of the mix… BUT I want to invite you to also slack off in 2020.



A lot.


I’m talking DAILY.


Now, you may be feeling resistance to that idea, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner or leader or person with a big message… or just grew up (like me) in an environment of achievement.

(“Perfectionism, anyone?”)


For 9 out of the last 10 years of my business, I was VERY resistant to (smart) slacking off.

Yet I slacked off here and there. And often felt guilty about it, Even while knowing that rest and time off are game changers.

Ever feel like this?


Now, you might be thinking to yourself,

“What is this guys nuts? I’m not slacking off this year!


“This is the year that I will EXCEED ALL EXPECTATIONS! I will:

• 10X my income

• get that promotion

• start that business

• write that book

• start that relationship

• lose that weight

• (etc.)


And I say… good! Do all of these things!

AND slack off! (smart)

Because you can’t do all those things without slacking off…

You can’t go to the places of deep work (ala Cal Newport’s most excellent book), deep accomplishment, or deep intuition… without taking deep rest.

A good way to do that is to slack off, even for a minute.

Even better is five minutes,10 minutes, 30 minutes…

THE BEST INCLUDES all of the above + weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.


Giving yourself time, care, love, and support.

And the space to dream and create and let all of the things that you’re doing and learning and receiving and consuming and practicing and trying and testing and experimenting with…


Let all of those things bubble.


Let the special sauce that you bring to the world get even more delicious.


Give yourself rest.

When you do this, you say YES to yourself… to giving yourself the gift of doing/achieving/experiencing/enjoying EVERYTHING you want.

(and enjoying the ride)

I wish you a restful and rockin’ 2020!



• • •

Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash