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So the government of Russia is doing crazy things and that’s not ok.

That’s means it’s more important than ever to make an impact with your business.

Whether it’s impacting one, or 10, or 10,000 people… all the ripples matter!

One avenue of support for you is this episode of Benjamin Warsinske’s Bricks+Brands Podcast.


Magnetizing vs Selling: How to Stand Out as a Unique Expert

(Featuring Yours Truly)

In this episode, we explore the keys to :

  • Becoming a Unique Expert (in your market, field, or industry)
  • Magnetizing vs Selling
  • Standing Out Right
  • Smiling Meditation (’cause it’ll change your life)


Plus a whole lot more!

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I appreciate that.

There is both wonder and terror in our world. Thanks for supporting the wonder with your intention and action.

Stay well and safe and may people stop killing and start loving





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