There is power in your story (stories). How do you choose which stories to capture, clarify, and communicate?


Your stories need to paint the pictures — that give your audience the opportunity to know, like, and trust you — while seeing you as a unique thought leader who’s in it for the “win-win-win.”

Stories are important for positioning your value as well as your expertise.
Perception of value is powerful. You stand out. When you speak the truth and help people understand the benefits of your offer (money, time, energy, more), it’s easier for them to invest in you.

Remember that it all comes back to using more influence. You want to choose the stories that inspire people to change their ideas, change their minds, and make things happen.

Again, “win-win-win.”

Here’s how:

1. Choose 3 stories about yourself that clearly indicate you are a reliable source of information and a go-to person in your field.

2. Come up with 5 brief anecdotes or illustrations that connect the dots from who you are and what you offer… to the outcomes that people want.

3. Think of all your unique stories. What can you share that expresses YOU, the unique and wonderful YOU?

4. Capture a story that helped inspire your purpose or speaks to the beautiful heart that you have.

5. Select your 3 biggest professional successes and write about them (in a way that shows tangible outcomes).

That’s it!

A cornucopia of goodness that will help you stand out in the minds (and hearts) of the people you serve.

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Photo by: Raj Eiamworakul

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