Here are 4 lessons I learned from Rice Crispies (on acid) and how to apply them to #organizations, #business, #leadership, and life.


But before we begin, I need to clarify my grammar.

I wasn’t on acid at the time.

(Although there was plenty in college… which is when this happened.)

I was standing in my kitchen, eating Frooty Pebbles.

I could hear “snap”, “crackle”, and “pop” in my bowl.

(You may know these sounds from Rice Crispies. But I was eating Frooty Pebbles!)

As my housemate passed by, I said,

“Dude! Look at all the colors… and LISTEN… It’s Rice Crispies on acid!”

He rolled his eyes and walked away…

Then a couple of decades later I realized:

1. Frooty Pebbles are the same as Rice Crispies… except for added sugar and artificial colors. (Yum!)

2. People spend so much time focusing on differences… that we often forget how much we actually have in common, regardless of #race, #color, #gender, #politics, and #religion.

3. There’s so much more to people and situations than what we can see.

4. If you want to know the #truth, #ask and #listen.

Truly listen.

Sometimes it takes time to #transform ridiculous historical moments into #wisdom (and a great #story).

And you?

What have you turned into wisdom?

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Photo: Toa Heftiba

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