Around the world, we speak different languages, practice different customs, eat different foods, and do similar AND different things.


This is a reality: country to country, business to business, culture to culture, generation to generation, situation to situation, and person to person.

So if you want to connect and develop a trusting relationship with your prospect, customer, client, colleague, and/or audience… you’ll want to communicate in their language about the things that are the most important to them.

This means using the words and phrases that they’re saying (or writing) when they describe their challenges, fears, frustrations, needs, experiences, hopes, goals, desires, and dreams.

Because it’s critical to get super clear on what’s important to people — and how they talk about it — so you can create the most effective communication, leadership, and connection.
Remember the 3 things that motivate people:

1. They want to achieve happiness and avoid suffering.

2. They want to overcome their internal struggles of self-doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, and/or insecurity.

3. They’re searching for greater meaning, purpose, and connection in a rapidly changing world that’s in a vast and mysterious universe.

The more that you know about you know about your client/customer/audience/colleague/market — from their day-to-day experiences to the deep, emotional details — the more successful you will be.

1. You’ll connect, communicate, and lead better.

2. You’ll reach more people with your ideas and message.

3. You’ll create a shared human connection and experience while getting people excited about who you are, what you’re about, and how you’re going to make a positive impact in their business or life. Or both.

4. You’ll create superior products and services that deliver exceptional value (based on what they want and need, because they’ve told you).

5. You’ll be able to discover even more people like them to serve (since you’ve clearly articulated who you help and how you help them).

6. You’ll energize even more people with your vivid vision of the future, and show them a way to get there.


7. The people you inspire will become your evangelists and tell others about you!

(How’s that for free advertising?)

• • •

Do you know what’s motivating the people you serve? If you’re not clear, what will you do to find out?

Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash